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Peter Brook: Hamlet

I had the chance to see Peter Brook’s Hamlet at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in New York.

They play was very controversial because Brook cut it down to 2 and 1/2 hours. Well… Is it better to have Glenn Close as Mel Gibson’s mother?

When I directed Fernando Arrabal’s The Architect and The Emperor of Assyria I was critiziced because I did not cut the Emperor’s monologue ?????!!!!

Alright, Brook’s Hamlet with text by W. Shakespeare was really amazing! (Period) :-)

Adrian Lester, not only made Hamlet really compelling but the way he (with Brook) work the text and poetry were a master class in how to speak Shakespeare. Brook’s wife Natasha Parry (Gertrude) had, as usual, such stage power that you could not take your eyes form her. And Jeffrey Kisson, who doubled as The Ghost and Claudius–I preferred him better as the Ghost–had the same stature as the rest.

This is a scene from the play. Enjoy it!

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