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María Carrasco y el Duende…

There is an expression in flamenco “alguien que tiene duende.” It means “someone who has it:” talent, and understanding of art who makes the artists get to the deep of their audience.

Well I saw this girl in Madrid she was born in 1995 in a little town near Cádiz…

Well, just judge by yourself…

As they say: Tiene un tronío que no se pué aguantá

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Declan Donnellan’s Twelfth Night in Russian in Madrid

I just saw in Madrid an amazing production of Twelvefth Night, a production of the Chekhov Theatre International Festival in association with Cheek by Jowl, directed by Declan Donellan.
It is a all Russian male cast, nobody speaks English, and it is a lesson on theatre and on Shakespeare, how to manage the space, the time, the emotion and how in order to do anyhting on theatre you have to master a very strong physical technique.
The actors who play the women they may have a dress but there is no pretension about not being a man playing a woman, and it is amazing (again). It reminded me a Canadian play who was made into a movie LILIES.
All that wrapped in a crazy bossa-nova band. It is a must, not to be missed.

Noche de Reyes (Twelfth Night)

William Shakespeare

Con un reparto compuesto íntegramente por hombres (incluidos los personajes femeninos de la obra) Declan Donnellan (Cheek by Jowl) dirige en ruso y con actores rusos una de las comedias de madurez de William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night (Noche de Reyes).
«Oscuridad y luz, las dualidades del bien y del mal y las posibilidades del travestismo, son aspectos explorados con humor y precisión por Donnellan, el escenógrafo Nick Ormerod y su asombroso elenco ruso, que aparece en escena como una de las más divertidas bandas de bossa-nova que hayan podido verse nunca».

This is a documentary about the Cheek by Jowl’s production of Cimbeline directed by Donnellan. Very Interesting what he says.

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