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Peter Brook: Marat / Sade

Check this scene from Brook’s film masterpiece (1967) based on the play

by Peter Weiss (Español) / (English) , Marat / Sade: Marat / Sade by Peter Weiss

In the years just before the French Revolution, The Marquis de Sade is locked in the Charenton mental hospital and decides to put on a play.

His overseers agree as long as he follows certain conditions. He writes and directs the other mental patients in a play based on the life of Jean-Paul Marat. As the play progresses, the inmates become more and more possessed by the violence of the play and become extremely difficult to control. Finally, all chaos breaks loose.

Fragment I

With a stellar cast of, among many other, Patrick Magee as the Marquis de Sade: (Español) / (English) ; Ian Richardson as Marat: (Español) / (English) ; Glenda Jackson as Charlotte Corday: (Español) / (English).

Fragment II

Fragment III

Fragment IV

Fragment V

Fragment VI

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VIEWPOINTS / PVE: Puntos de Vista Escenicos: Who’s Who.

Anne Bogart empezó a desarrollar la técnica de Los Puntos de Vista Escénicos (en inglés: Viewpoints) en el departamento de Teatro Experimental de la Universidad de New York (NYU) al final de los años 70.

Hoy en día, este sistema se ha convertido en un instrumento de preparación para actores, así como un procedimiento de trabajo para directores de escena en el tratamiento del Espacio Escénico. Los PVE tienen una gran difusión no sólo en U.S.A. sino también en países europeos como Alemania, Holanda y Gran Bretaña. Desde 1990, Anne Bogart además de su trayectoria en el teatro profesional de USA, es la directora del Departamento de Dirección de Teatro de la Universidad de Columbia en New York, USA.



Creador y Facilitador del Seminario sobre

Los Puntos de Vista Escénicos, PVE

Abraham Celaya

Director, productor y cantante muy creativo con vasta experiencia en planificación, casting, investigación, diseño y dirección de obras nuevas y clásicas. Gran capacidad estética. Experiencia en la coordinación de patrocinadores, enseñanza, programación y esfuerzos de relaciones comunitarias. Formación multicultural, con dominio del francés, inglés, español, italiano y portugués. Fue director adjunto del Director Artístico del American Conservartory Theatre de San Francisco en California, USA; y estudió y trabajó con Anne Bogart en la Universidad de Columbia en New York, USA.

Más información: www.AbrahamCelaya.com

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Peter Brook: Hamlet

I had the chance to see Peter Brook’s Hamlet at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in New York.

They play was very controversial because Brook cut it down to 2 and 1/2 hours. Well… Is it better to have Glenn Close as Mel Gibson’s mother?

When I directed Fernando Arrabal’s The Architect and The Emperor of Assyria I was critiziced because I did not cut the Emperor’s monologue ?????!!!!

Alright, Brook’s Hamlet with text by W. Shakespeare was really amazing! (Period) :-)

Adrian Lester, not only made Hamlet really compelling but the way he (with Brook) work the text and poetry were a master class in how to speak Shakespeare. Brook’s wife Natasha Parry (Gertrude) had, as usual, such stage power that you could not take your eyes form her. And Jeffrey Kisson, who doubled as The Ghost and Claudius–I preferred him better as the Ghost–had the same stature as the rest.

This is a scene from the play. Enjoy it!

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Ariane Mnouchkine: La Mort de Molière

This is an amazing scene from the film that Ariane Mnouchkine wrote and directed in 1978. She was nominated for Best Director for La Palme d’Or, Cannes Film Festival.

This is the CD cover.

The film won the Cesar for: Best Cinematography (Meilleure photographie): Bernard Zitzermann

and Best Production Design (Meilleurs décors): Guy-Claude François

It was nominated at the Cesar for:

Best Director (Meilleur réalisateur): Ariane Mnouchkine

Best Film (Meilleur film): Ariane Mnouchkine and

Best Sound (Meilleur son): Alix Comte

Mnouchkine is a strong believer in the collaborative process of theatre. She builds her work with her company Théâtre du Soleil and she believes that “the director has already achieved the greatest degree of power he has ever had in history. And our aim is to move beyond that situation by creating a form of theatre where it will be possible for everyone to collaborate without there being directors, technicians, and so on, in the old sense.” She and her company develop their works using many techniques. Sometimes, the troupe develops ideas out of improvisational exercises. They also incorporate multiple styles of theatre in their work - ranging from commedia dell’arte to various Asian theatre traditions.

While mainly a Stage Director, Ariane Mnouchkine has been involved also in film. Her movie 1789 (filmed from the live production) about the French Revolution, brought her international fame in 1974. In 1978 she wrote and directed Molière, a biography of the famous French playwright.

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Directors on Directors

Check this video. It is great! CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT Anne Bogart and Daniel Sullivan, Feb-2008

February, 2008

Anne Bogart, Scott Ellis and Daniel Sullivan talk about directing and their personal influences.

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Seminar of Viewpoints in Spain

Intro: Viewpoints

There will be a great Seminar about Viewpoints / Puntos de Vista Escénicos.


En Vigo, Galicia, Spain in July:

7 - 11/ 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM, 2008.


Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galicia


Theatre School of Vigo:

Escola Superior de Arte Dramática de Galicia

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